About Us

Hello, I am Jeff Williams Owner/Operator of Go Green Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning. My two main passions are the environment and getting the job done to perfection. We are known in the industry for our attention to detail and cleanliness. I have spent the time and money to research the very best equipment in the industry.

We started out using high-powered truck-mounted equipment systems for five years and found that the portable systems offered far more power and capabilities that the larger trucks couldn’t even touch. The new and improved equipment allows us to clean in colder conditions as well as hotter temperatures. We can also show clients what we are ridding them of within their air duct systems, dryer vents, etc. More importantly, the portable equipment provides a more comprehensive cleaning process. If the job requires suction, which all of them do, you have come to the right people! With this specialized equipment, we can bring more suction power than any other equipment on earth.

I also use only eco-friendly products. I care about what impact my business has on the environment. For my family’s future and yours, it is important to tread lightly utilizing environmentally friendly products. Give us a call for all your furnace, carpets, and other cleaning needs. Thank you for going green!

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