Why Clean?

If you care about the well being of your family and the quality of indoor air they are breathing, cleaning your air ducts is a good idea. When they are dirty, they catch, hold on to, and disperse dust, bacteria, mold, pollen, hair, pet dander and insects throughout your home each time your furnace kicks in.

These particles of debris and allergens being blown in to your indoor air could be responsible for additional health concerns and/or attacks for those with asthma or respiratory problems. Having your ducts cleaned is a preventative measure against these unnecessary and potentially harmful allergens and bacteria causing more problems. Asthma, allergies and eczema are commonly related to one another and having clean air could reduce the symptoms of breathlessness and itchiness.

Your air flow could be limited if there are debris blocking the air passage. Your home would then take longer to heat up or cool down. This results in higher costs to the both the environment as well as your wallet.

Even if your furnace is new, you still run the risk of all of the harmful particles being blown throughout your home. In fact, your new furnace will quickly become contaminated by the existing dirt, without the proper cleaning of your ducts.


Before / After Duct Cleaning



  • less dust and allergens
  • heating and/or cooling system run more effectively
  • less costs to your energy and utility bills
  • improved air quality for you and your family