• furnaces
  • air ducts
  • air conditioning coils
  • dryer vents
  • central vac
  • lineshot
  • water tanks
  • chimneys
  • permanent electrostatic filters
  • sanitizing
  • deodorizing
  • small repairs for residential and commercial property


We have state of the art, eco logo certified equipment that is more environmentally sound. Our unit is electric and portable with 8000 CFM, true hepa filteration and direct hookup to each vent and or system as well as the convenience of not having big, dirty hoses running throughout your home.

For tools we use brushes, air whips, air guns and pressurized sanitizing equipment. 11 horsepower compressor with two stage 20 CFM/195 PSI and at max compression, the compressor cuts down to one horsepower, idling, saving on fuel; California State Emissions Approved

Procedures of Cleaning:

  1. First and most importantly is the sanitizing and sealing off of all supply and return vents as well as sealing off the furnace and filter area. This ensures that when we begin to agitate the system, all particles of debris and odors will be carried out effectively. If this step is skipped, you can assure that there are important steps being skipped.
  2. We go through each vent individually to push all debris into the main duct work where the vacuum is connected and then cleaning main duct work, a/c, furnace, fans, chambers, etc.
  3. We defog system with high pressured, eco-logo certified approved sanitizer and deodorizer.